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Here they are, the reason you're here -- the tutorials. Have fun!

Ver. File Created Updated
3,4,5 Miscellaneous files
A collection of rough-and-ready Flash files - more than 50! - that I created for various reasons over the last few years. No tutorials, just raw Flash. Use at your own risk
12 Apr 2001 6th February 2002
5 Drawing a shape
Draw a series of lines to make a shape
8th Feb 2001
4 Handling cookies
Use FSCommand and JavaScript to read, write and delete cookies seamlessly from Flash
1st Nov 2000
5 Unique random numbers
A Flash 5 version of the technique for generating a sequence of random numbers with no repetitions [Flash4 version available]
2nd Oct 2000 17th Apr 2001
5 Double click button
Yet again, no double-click action in the new version of Flash, so here's a simple way to simulate it
15th Sept 2000
5 Draggable Mask
Macromedia didn't manage to get draggable masks into Flash5, so here's an updated version of a technique for 'faking' it [Flash4 version available]
29th August 2000 30th August 2000
5 Smart Cursor
A simple way to implement context-sensitive cursors in your Flash 5 movies. Just drop it in, set a couple of variables and off you go
23rd August 2000
4 Stretched text effect
A funky text animation thing
12th June 2000
4 Generate unique random numbers
An efficient way of having Flash give you a series of random numbers, with no repetitions [Flash5 version available]
9th June 2000
4 Gradient Mask
Create a convincing 'soft-edged' mask -- fading with alpha between two layers
5th June 2000 12th June 2000
4 Barney's Menu
An exploration of how to emulate the stylish menu on
5th June 2000
4 Drawing a line between two points
Use simple actionscript (and almost no maths!) to join two points with a line
27th April 2000
4 Scrollbar
No tutorial, but a demonstration of how to create a proportional scrollbar [Flash3 version available]
11th August '99
4 Changing window order
An early method for using Duplicate Movie to change the draw order of layers
4th August '99
4 Draggable mask
How to create a mask that can be moved with the mouse [Flash5 version available]
20th July '99 13th June 2000
4 Mouse-following line
A cool effect explained
6th July '99 29th July '99
4 Droptarget example
A very simple explanation of how _droptarget works
28th June '99
4 Rotating Chicken (scrolling button)
How to create a button that works continuously as the mouse is held down [Flash3 version available]
18th June '99

Miscellaneous Flash 3 Tutorials
Stop/Start Button Fading button 'Rewinding' button
A lever Zoom, rotate, pan Simple supernova
Simple counter 'Slamming' text Tell Target
Rotating chicken (scrolling buttons) Scrollbar Sliding menu

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